Dedicated To Making A Difference

Avalon Waterways is proud to deliver the beauty, serenity and inspiration of the world's most famous rivers to our guests. And we're dedicated to preserving the precious environment river cruising affords travelers.

This commitment extends to every aspect of cruising; from how we power and propel our fleet of Suite Ships to the care and attention we give to environmentally friendly practices onboard. Not to mention the many causes we support. All to ensure that we're helping to make tomorrow on these incredible rivers as special as the experiences they gift us today.

Going Green To Keep Our Waters Blue


The Ocean Cleanup

Imagine our oceans and waterways without plastics. As an official partner of The Ocean Cleanup, we’re helping make this seemingly impossible dream a reality. Today, this important non-profit organization is actively removing plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But that’s not all. They’re also focused on rivers – 1,000 of them – to stop more plastics from flowing into the world’s oceans. See their story and how you can help at

Creating a Sustainable Tomorrow

Avalon is charting an ambitious course toward zero emissions and sustainability in every aspect of cruising. Our state-of-the-art fleet of Suite Ships and top-of-the-line technology limit energy, consumption and emissions. Plus, Avalon’s waste and recycling programs reduce our environmental footprint, save water and foster a sustainability culture among crew and guests worldwide. Even better? This is just the beginning of what we have planned to protect our beautiful Mother Earth, and her fans.

Today, Avalon has:

  • Eliminated single-use plastics onboard our ships and at operations offices, worldwide
  • Reduced paper waste by 80% onboard by favoring digital communications
  • Invested in local farmers to secure locally produced foods, reducing food miles while supporting local economies
  • Installed LED lighting throughout ships, fleet-wide
  • Worked with dozens of ports to use shore energy while docked
  • Committed to using shore power while docked wherever it is available, allowing us to turn off engines and reduce emissions
  • Signed an agreement with the river cruise trade union providing heightened employment standards and protection of our crew. No other river cruise line has made this commitment to their team.

Tomorrow, Avalon pledges to:

  • Pilot a program to use bio-fuel, aiming to reduce total carbon emissions by 50%
  • Utilize electric bow thrusters to further reduce emissions
  • Reduce paper waste further – to less than 1%
  • Partner with more destinations to generate sustainable electricity, while docked
  • Invest more in our partners at The Ocean Cleanup in their mission to succeed at the world’s largest cleanup project: Removing 90% of ocean plastic pollution and ridding the world’s waters of plastic
  • Unveil the first, fully electric river cruise vessel by 2027