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Putting You First

The Art of Making You Feel at Home

From your first step aboard an Avalon Suite Ship®, you can feel the happiness flowing from stem to stern. It begins with our welcoming spirit throughout the entire ship - from the Captain and Cruise Director to your stateroom attendant and wait staff. We measure happiness in the wide smiles of our guests, not in white gloves on a stuffy crew. Instead, we deliver impeccable service by a crew that is professional, approachable, and informative - never stuffy - with an atmosphere of relaxed luxury.

Night Owls. Early Birds. Adventurers. Aficionados.

Who says you can’t sleep late and still have breakfast? Or that it’s too late for a midnight snack? Or you can’t trade lunch for a bike ride and picnic on shore? Maybe wine tastings and waltz concerts rock your world. On an Avalon cruise, schedules and rules give way to whimsy. We believe that cruisers should be choosers - about where and when to eat on board, and what to see and do on shore. And who says you can’t start your vacation sooner or stay a little longer with an Avalon YourWay vacation before or after your cruise? Not us. Go ahead, rock the boat your way.