River Cruise Vacation Excursions

River Cruise Vacation Excursions

Cruisers Can Be Choosers.

No two travelers are alike--so Avalon would never expect you to enjoy the same cruise experiences as everyone else. Whether you like to paddle a canoe or paint a canvas, we think happiness on ship and on shore is a personalized notion. On each Avalon river cruise, each day is an adventure of the mind, heart, or heart rate if you prefer. Pedal a bike through Amsterdam or ponder the great masterpieces in Paris. Hike a vineyard or taste a vintage in the castle above. Learn phrases of the local language, or get praises for your new culinary skills. Whatever floats your boat, Avalon ChoiceSM offers the wide-open possibilities that speak to you.

We Get Your Drift.

What’s your idea of the perfect day on your river cruise? Borrowing a bicycle from ship for a picnic on shore? Gliding through the Rhine Gorge in a kayak? Or imitating the brush strokes of Van Gogh in a little French village? Whichever way you wish to spend your day, you’ll find the Classic, Active, and Discovery excursions and activities that speak to you. So, go ahead, pick up a paintbrush, a paddle, or the perfect vintage. The possibilities are as wide open as the view.

Chart Your Course with Avalon ChoiceSM

Raise a glass at an Austrian wine tasting or raise your heart rate on a jogging tour of Amsterdam. From classic sightseeing in Cologne to a classical concert in Vienna to a culinary walk in Lyon or a bicycle tour of the Dutch countryside—the possibilities are wide open on an Avalon river cruise. All at your pace, your preference, your way.

We know there is more than one way to explore new destinations. Avalon includes an exceptional variety of excursions and activities so you can experience your cruise your way.


Expert Local Guides reveal the history and heritage of local sights, with knowledgeable insider information and fascinating stories behind the “must-see” sites.


Roll up your sleeves or pull up a chair for inspiring and interactive experiences - from hands-on participation in cuisine and art to moving performances in music and dance. Discover local experiences that inspire your inner artist, capture your curiosity, and cater to your craving to learn new things.


Hike up a hill or zig zag down a path by foot or wheel with Active excursions that keep you moving. Your Avalon Adventure Center and Host have all the gear and guidance you need to turn viewing into doing—your way at your pace. Hike, bike, jog, or kayak your way through scenic locales with your Adventure Host to see new destinations from a new perspective. Pedal, paddle, or amble—whatever moves you!

The Opportunities (and Options) are as Wide as the View

Custom River Cruise Excursions by Avalon WaterwaysPersonalize your Avalon river cruise even more with an exciting selection of Guided Optional Excursions and free time suggestions. Select your optional excursions at the time of booking at MyAvalon.com, and download our AvalonGO mobile app for local guidance during your free time hours.

Exceeds Our Standards. Fits Your Schedule.

Each Avalon optional excursion or activity is hand-selected and tested by our team of travel experts. If an excursion doesn’t meet our high standards, we won’t offer it to you! Each optional excursion selection operates during free time, so you’ll never miss an included tour or have to choose between an included and optional activity.

Priceless Experiences. Amazing Prices.

Backed by Globus’ 90+ years of sharing the world with travelers, we’ve made a few friends along the way. Our global partnerships allow us incredible opportunities to offer our guests exciting optional excursions at unbeatable rates to personalize your cruise. Attend a royal waltz concert in Viennese hall and visit to Europe’s largest garden outside Amsterdam. Sip French wine in the famed cellars of Provence or explore the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. Browse, select, and purchase your optional shore excursions before your cruise at AvalonWaterways.com/MyAvalon.

AvalonGO Mobile App

We put street directions, restaurant recommendations, entertainment venues, and local information at your fingertips with the AvalonGO mobile app. Take free time to lose yourself in the local atmosphere—without ever getting lost.

A Local Guide Who’s Really a Local

What is an Expert Local Guide? It goes without saying, but we think a true local guide knows the region from experience—not a guidebook. Your local guides on an Avalon Waterways vacation have a passion for sharing the legends and stories behind the sites. They love to share their corner of the world with you, so you walk away with a true feeling and understanding for newly discovered destinations. Go from tourist to traveler with the insights and meaning our Cruise Directors, Tour Directors, and Expert Local Guides are glad to share with you.